The Edible Perennial Garden


“Unlock the abundance of perennial food crops with our transformative class on cultivating edible perennials through the lens of permaculture. Delve into the diverse world of perennial vegetables, fruits, and herbs that offer sustained harvests year after year with minimal maintenance. From designing perennial polycultures to selecting resilient varieties suited to your climate, you’ll learn how to create a perennial food forest that not only nourishes but thrives in harmony with nature. Explore propagation techniques, seasonal care, and harvesting strategies to maximize the productivity and resilience of your edible landscape. Whether you’re dreaming of a perennial paradise or looking to enhance your existing garden, this class provides the knowledge and inspiration to cultivate abundance for generations to come.

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This class takes place at Three Acre Permaculture in Bothwell, Ontario and is led by instructor Michael Schimp.

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