“The permaculture course changed my life in many beautiful ways.”


“Michael is a natural teacher and facilitator. This was my second PDC, (my first was online with permaculture rock star from down under – Geoff Lawton) and this was much deeper, more interactive, locally relevant, and more fun than the first. I love how Michael uses permaculture values and principles as a lens to view and design all aspects of life from the personal level to the garden/ farm and to society at large. My only criticism is that Michael lacks an Australian accent — Mr. Lawton has him beat there.”


“After completing the permaculture class, my dad and I finished up a chicken coop and got 5 hens. I’m currently making plans to widen my garden, using all that I learned in your course. In a few years, I hope to start up my own little farm.”


“There was so much to learn about Permaculture which for me, meant learning how to live organically and equitably with native and non-native plants in their natural surroundings. I enjoyed the course, especially the teaching from the knowledgeable facilitators, Michael and Adrian, who incorporated a variety of practical and theoretical skills.”


“Best. Course. Ever.”


“The Three Acre Permaculture Course is a wonderful program that will fulfill your soul and your mind. Whether you already have some knowledge about permaculture or you are new to it, this stimulating course has something for everyone to learn and grow from. For me it was a life-changing experience, a 2-week waking dream. Michael and Adrian are well-versed in Permaculture and they will open your eyes to a new world. You thought you knew gardening or landscaping, but wait until you learn to create a permaculture design with them. The course is very well organized and structured, allowing time to share, listen, think quietly, do hands-on activities, meet permaculturists living in the area, visit forests for foraging and plant identification, and private gardens for observing implemented designs “in action”. I cherished every minute of it all. It inspired me to offer a new class in the school I work at and transformed my future. I couldn’t have been happier with my choice.”


“The PDC at Three Acre Permaculture was a life-giving and life-changing experience for me. If you are looking for a course that will give you a sense of community, wonder and hope for our future, take this PDC.”


“I am so very grateful for the energy, love, light, and impact your soul has had on our earth, your students lives, and everyone you meet.”



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