Eco-Gardening Full Series


We’re bringing you a new permaculture experience directly in the garden! This is a hybrid curriculum that gives you real hands-on experience with the rationale and theory to help integrate your learning. A series of 9 classes, you’ll learn the entire lifecycle of a garden, starting with starting seeds!

2024 Course List

  • April 6 – Starting Seeds
  • May 4 – Mapping & Planning Your Garden
  • June 1 – Growing Healthy Soils
  • July 6 – The Edible Perennial Garden
  • August 11 – Earthworks & Waterflow
  • September 8 – Forests & Food Forests
  • October 6 – Harvesting, Seed Collecting & Grafting
  • November 2 – Prepping For Winter
  • November 30 – Garlic Planting & Planning For The Future

This offering is for all classes in the series. If you’re interested in some, but not all, of the courses, you can check out the Eco-Gardening Series to register for classes individually.

You’ll also learn different ways to propagate your food plants as well how to care for your veggie garden and build your food forest. We’ll forage weeds and other edible perennials, we’ll make good compost and community together. We’ll talk about ethics, relationships to the earth and each other, proactive strategies, and you’ll even learn how to map out life plans as well as the garden. This is a great way to level up your PDC, but beginners who love to get their hands dirty are also welcome.

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This is an excellent opportunity for students of all levels to apply permaculture techniques to their own gardens. You’ll learn permaculture concepts along with practical skills that will bring your garden know-how to the next level.

Whether you’re just beginning your gardening journey or you’re looking for new ways to increase your skills, this is a well-rounded curriculum that has something for everyone. PDC Alumni are also encouraged to join these classes to integrate and deepen your knowledge.

All classes take place at Three Acre Permaculture. More questions? Feel free to contact us directly.

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