Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Permaculture design is a thought process that encourages people to consider and design with existing natural processes: wind, solar, forests, water, and so on. By incorporating vast traditional knowledge and appropriate technologies, we can begin to mitigate the climate crisis on an immediate level as well as learn to live as lightly as possible on the earth.

Permaculture is interested not just in sustainability but creating regenerative structures that positively impact our societies on social, economic, and environmental levels. It’s an umbrella term that is closely related to ecology, agro-ecology, re-wilding, food forests, reverse desertification, land restoration, appropriate technology, animal husbandry, addressing symptoms of extreme climate events, carbon sequestration, homesteading, and small-scale farming. This is why you can find permaculture courses that incorporate a variety of practical and theoretical skills.

Why Choose A Permaculture Design Certificate course?

The Permaculture Design Certificate course at Three Acres offers you a system of design that has a profound effect on the way you can approach all areas of your life. Since permaculture values multi-functionality, efficiency, and results, you can expect to garner new ways of thinking, new tools and solutions to your unique circumstances, and a renewed sense of empowered accountability…all within the framework of a supportive community environment.

In 2020, Three Acre Permaculture will be hosting TWO Permaculture Design Certificates:

Upcoming PDCs

2-week Summer Immersion — August 2-16 2020

For those interested in an intensive burst of learning, we’re hosting the internationally-recognized PDC course curriculum over a shorter period (than our 9-month course). This certificate course is perfect for students and individuals who are interested/able to commit 2 weeks to transformational learning this summer. 

We are very interested in hosting a class that feels safe and comfortable. We invite participants to consider the privilege we have living in the developed world, and we seek to provide a life experience that safely allows attendees to step outside of their comfort zone into deep awareness, including protracted observation and resource use.

This course includes the full PDC curriculum, a camping spot on our property, and all meals.

Due to COVID-19 social gathering restrictions as well as our desire to create an impactful experience, there are only 8 spots available for this course.


Early bird pricing: $1700
(save $100 if you commit to the course before July 10)

Contact us to apply

9-Month Multi-Season

Our multi-season PDC will take place one Sunday per month over the course of 9 months. This approach allows participants to observe the seasons on their own properties while deepening and integrating the knowledge acquired throughout the PDC modules. It also provides accessibility to those with busy schedules and families, thereby broadening the diversity of the participants themselves.

The PDC will take place at Three Acre Permaculture with Michael Schimp and with assistance from prominent guest teachers.

This class has a maximum enrolment of 15 students to ensure deep learning and individual care.